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Packing   &   Moving Tips

Moving House

Which room should pack first ?

    When you have sorted out and boxed up the storage areas and then you should move on to the other less commonly used rooms in your home, such as the living room.The most important rooms – the kitchen, the kids’ room, the bedroom, and the bathroom should be packed last.

Why you should label your belongings?

     Put labels, color-codes, and specific instructions to every item or pre-packed box or anything else you want to be handled with special care or to find its rightful place immediately. Keeping the items that your movers should not pack and load on the moving truck separately. You are advised to mark a no-pack/no-entry room in your home.

What size of moving boxes?

    Make sure you select the right box for the right items. The small moving box is used for packing weighty stuff such as books, tools, small appliances, and small kitchen items. The medium moving box is used for packing items such as smaller stereo equipment, kitchen items, linens, and toys. The large moving box is used for packing linens and other oversized items.The extra large moving box is used for extra bulky items like pillows and comforters.


Get rid items that you don’t need to make your move easier.

    Take time to go through each room, writing down the things that will stay and what you don't need. Keep this list to the absolute essentials.Before moving,sorting through your things so you don't end up moving stuff that you don't need and have never really used. Not only will it save you time in packing and unpacking, but it will also save you money.     


These items you shouldn’t pack!

  •    Money, valuable items or jewelry. Keep them with you.

  •     Flammables Items such as aerosol cans, paints, and gasoline.

  •     Important Document such as Financial Statements, Check Books

  •     Soap and Polishes.

  •     Plants and Flowers.

  •     Car Keys, house keys, safety box keys

  •     Computer Software


Preparing your place for moving date.

    getting everything safely and efficiently from one house to the other.The do not specialize in separating your good china from the bad, not rounding up all of the dirty laundry on the floor. Throwing out and purging excess stuff in advance. Clearly designating valuable and fragile goods. Grouping similar small items in boxes (books, dishes, etc.)

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